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Case Study: Agile Hub & & & Digital Innovation

The Technology Ventures team of a global, world-leading Energy company had been pioneering the creation of a new Digital Venture, investing in technologies to develop digital and connectivity-based solutions for customers, working alongside a global consultancy to deliver this model.

The decision was made to “go it alone” and to create an in-house team of expertise, working closely with Eaglecliff Recruitment, where established relationships with Hiring Managers had already been built and validated. The task was to build a new team of Consultants with creative flair and a passion to drive change in complex markets.

Oil & Gas
Energy Trading
Renewable Energies
Retail and E-Commerce
Distribution and Supply
Global Consultancies

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How to Choose Choose Choose the Right Outsourced Provider

Things for Organisations to consider when choosing an Outsourced Provider:

  • Are their Values aligned?
  • Are they the right Custodians of the Brand?
  • Is this going to be a true Partnership?

  • Can they offer the Target Operating Model needed to complement the Company structure?
  • Is this a long term Solution and will they ultimately help achieve the long term Objectives?
  • Will this be tailored to the Organisation’s specific needs and drawn up in Partnership?
  • How much Flexibility can be built in to help deal with Change?

  • Do they have the Knowledge and Infrastructure required?
  • What is the MSP’s Track Record and Reputation within the Contractor community?
  • Can they offer Continuous Improvement and Value Add initiatives?
  • Will these ultimately result in Cost Savings?

Remember that an Outsourced Provider will welcome these questions because just as an Organisation is assessing them, they will be assessing the Organisation. This is ultimately built on a Partnership relationship. If the above questions are asked, the Outsourced Provider will know that the Organisation is preparing for this Change.

When a long term Business Partnership is created by an Outsourcing solution, Reputations are on the line from both sides. It’s important for the Organisation to be thorough with due diligence and it should expect the same from the Outsourced Provider.


To exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates alike, through the supply and management of high-calibre professionals within forward-thinking global organisations.