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Specialist Recruitment Services are provided within six unique categories: Permanent Recruitment, Contractor Resourcing, Managed Service Provision, Payrolling, Sole Agency Option and Statement of Work. The professional consultants and contractors available deliver some of the most complex and challenging projects globally for many of the world’s leading companies.

Much of what we do revolves around IT and Digital Recruitment. Typical Assignments Include Retail IT, CRM Solutions, Digital Ventures, Power Supply, Commodities Trading, Electronic Point of Sale, Card Payment Systems, Customer Loyalty Schemes, Business Strategy and Transformation, IT Infrastructure and Communications, Technical Architecture Road Maps, Marketing and Communication, Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Market Hub and many more.

The Company has achieved significant growth over its thirty year history. One key difference is the speed and flexibility that can be offered making sure Services are tailored around the individual needs of the companies that we work with. Service levels are outstanding; check out the Trustpilot reviews to see the difference. Combining this expertise and flexibility with Innovative Solutions based on Market Intelligence results in a trusted Recruitment Partner across every stage of the Recruitment lifecycle and beyond.

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Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment Services extend across the full end-to-end lifecycle from Customer Branding through to Employee Retention strategies.

Permanent Recruitment Services extend across the full end-to-end lifecycle of Recruitment from Customer Branding, Advertising, Networking, Social Media, Talent Acquisition, Interview Techniques, Contract Negotiation, Market Intelligence and Talent Retention. 

Working closely with Hiring Managers and Human Resources ensures an accurate understanding of the type of Individual who will work within the different cultures of the companies that we work with. Many of the Permanent roles that are filled by Eaglecliff Recruitment rely on extensive seeking out of Specialist skills and talents from suitably qualified professionals who are not actively seeking a new role. Through careful networking and creative use of Social Media, it is often possible to locate perfectly matched applicants who are not available through other mechanisms on the marketplace.

Contractor Resourcing

One of the key strengths at Eaglecliff Recruitment is the outstanding database of IT and Technology Contractors that has been built up over the last 30 years.

Contractors are not replacements for Permanent staff but a cost-effective resource to be used whenever circumstances indicate a need to quickly and effectively bring on board a range of skill-sets, additional manpower or through an urgency in meeting project milestones. Often utilised in a project-based capacity, they are hugely valuable resources and the success of many of the world’s leading projects can depend heavily on making sure that the right calibre of Contractor is found.

Most of these Contractors come to us from personal recommendation and are not available generally in the market place.

Typical Assignments Include:

  • Retail IT
  • CRM Solutions
  • Digital Ventures
  • Power Supply
  • Commodities Training
  • Electronic Point of Sale
  • Card Payment Systems
  • Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • Business Strategy and Transformation
  • IT Infrastructure and Communication
  • Technical Architecture Road Maps
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Global Market Hub


Most have worked with international multi-cultural teams, including geographically dispersed project teams, and all are pragmatic problem solvers, with key strengths including project management and stakeholder management. This database contains exceptional Consultants who provide Services for challenging, complex and innovative global systems implementation projects, business change and communications, as well as strategic planning assignments.

Skills have been gained through global Consultancies and blue-chip Corporate market leaders as well as Digital Agencies, Agile Hubs, Start-Ups and Digital Ventures.

All are highly regarded in their own field of specialisation and exceptionally well qualified.

Managed Service Provision

The Effective Sourcing, Engagement and Management of Contractors through Non-PSL Suppliers and Vendors

A Managed Service Provision, or MSP, is when the sourcing, engagement and administration of ‘non-permanent’ resources and tasks is managed by an external provider.

The purpose of this Managed Service Provision is to offer professional Services throughout the Recruitment and Resourcing process, ensuring Clients, Contractors and Suppliers are all treated equally with transparency. Drawing upon expertise developed as the UK Payrolling Partner for one of the world’s leading Energy Super-Majors, the Managed Services division at Eaglecliff Recruitment was introduced in 2009.

Over Ten years later this relationship still actively supports a wide range of Consultants and Contractors working both within IT and non-IT roles and has provided extensive savings as well as providing an exceptional Service that is often difficult to find.

The MSP facility looks after the sourcing, engagement and administration of Consultants, Contractors and Temporary Workers through a standardised Contract that is put in place with Non-PSL Suppliers, Agencies and Consultancies. This Master Vendor Agreement is managed by the MSP and provides “Operational Excellence” through careful management of individual Suppliers and streamlined provision of Management Reporting which would otherwise be difficult to implement.

The Eaglecliff Recruitment MSP Solution offers a reliable Partner to global companies with MI Reporting available weekly, monthly and annually. The solution works particularly well in a large organisation where Resource management can often be difficult to consolidate in one place.

The model now offers options for both a Master Vendor Managed Service solution and a Neutral Vendor Managed Service solution. Both options can operate on a range of Vendor Management Systems including leading VMS platforms or on the in-house Eaglecliff VMS platform offered by Access. Specific expertise here lies with IQNavigator, Beeline and Fieldglass.


"No possible improvement. I rely on them completely. Eaglecliff Recruitment have been an amazing help. They provide excellent customer service at all times.” – SB Reliability Engineering Services

Sole Agency Provision

Increasingly, Eaglecliff Recruitment works within a “Sole Agency” service option, both within the Digital team and within the Corporate team, especially as this then provides a more cost-effective solution and a single point of contact solution which also reduces the duplication of effort and saves times as well.

Cultivated through the performance of the Eaglecliff Recruitment teams, it is possible to implement a model based upon volume that provides exceptional savings through competitive Mark-ups, even for niche skills and “hard-to-find” technical skills and business expertise. This is particularly attractive as the Eaglecliff database of highly skills Consultants and Contractors is already available; drawing on this through a Sole Agency option is often the best alternative and the easiest the implement option as well.

An increasing number of contractors are now transitioning over to a direct relationship with Eaglecliff Recruitment within the MSP agreements that are in place which, again, provides a single point of contact, reduces costs and provides for a more streamlined, standardised contract and set of business terms.

Statement of Work

Increasingly, Eaglecliff Recruitment is tasked with the management of Consultants who are working to a Statement of Work agreement that typically falls “Outside IR35”. The Statement of Work is a formal document agreed between the client and the consultant which broadly describes the project scope of work to be completed, the responsibilities and the expectations within this project and the projected timelines to achieve these objectives.

Within this Statement of Work, we may well then look at the specific tasks that a particular project manager has to perform to reach all the objectives defined in the Statement of Work so both entities may be used within the contractual Terms that are put in place. This may work with a Consultancy where more than one Resource is utilised at different stage gates of the project delivery. Both Fixed Price Agreements and Stage Gate Project Agreements are available to cover a wide range of options that are available.

Payrolling Services

Implemented in 2009, the Eaglecliff Recruitment Payrolling solution provides a fast, compliant and effective mechanism for on-boarding Direct Contractors and Non-PSL niche suppliers, agencies and consultancies. This both eliminates the need to set up a direct contract with the client and distances co-employment indicators, as well as ensuring full compliance with Statutory Regulations

The solution is utilised across all verticals including IT, Digital IT, Digital Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Communications, HR, Procurement, Legal services and other disciplines as well. The Payrolling service offers a quick and reliable solution to on-boarding non-Permanent Resources and offers professional advice and guidance to new Contractors when needed. As well as distancing co-employment relationships and ensuring Statutory compliance, savings are achieved through the structured pricing mechanisms put in place with third-party suppliers. The benefits continue through to Payment and Invoicing, eliminating delays and reducing costs with a single, consolidated invoice and third-party queries relayed directly to Eaglecliff Recruitment. The processes work well for all parties: Client, Contractor, Third Party Supplier and Eaglecliff Recruitment.