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“I work with many contract service companies within the oil & gas industry and Eaglecliff are by far the best in terms of the service they provide. The level of service is extremely professional and efficient”
SB – Reliability Engineering Services
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  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy Trading
  • Marketing & Comms
  • Global Consultancies
  • TV & Entertainment
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail

The name Eaglecliff Recruitment is particularly well-known within the Oil and Gas sector and within leading Consultancies that specialise in these areas such as KAS Suppliers, Technical Landscape Services and the Big Four Accounting firms.

Focusing within these Specialised Markets ensures that Eaglecliff consultants have an in-depth understanding of the business requirements and the specialist technology available that is critical to the competitiveness of the companies working within these market sectors.

Accurately matching these business requirements to the highly sought-after Job Seekers and Consultants that we work with is the key to our success.

By promoting a flexible, proactive service using in-house developed, sophisticated computer technology and then integrating this with the unique networking processes that are currently available to us, along with extensive experience working within a Professional Corporate environment, Eaglecliff Recruitment thrives within these demanding Business sectors where there is a skills shortage, often acting as a point of reference for Market Intelligence and as a source of reliable Talent for a wide range of key assignments that deliver outstanding results on time and to budget.

Our most important Resource: People

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Meet the team2

Meet the team

People often comment on how different it is working with Eaglecliff Recruitment. Talk to anyone on the team and you will understand why. Service-driven probably describes the key attributes which are backed up by initiative, attention to detail, determination, capabilities and compassion. People are our most important Resource: All function independently, yet are dependent upon one another for achievement and success. Experts in their chosen fields, chosen for the results they achieve.

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Meet the team

Brochure download

The best way to find out more about Eaglecliff Recruitment and the ways in which the company excels within the Talent Acquisition and Retention marketplace is to talk to us. If you prefer to read about the company first, a Brochure download facility is available here. Key questions will be answered but one of the key strengths of Eaglecliff Recruitment is the ability to adapt and to grow and to take on new challenges with positive results. Talk to us if you do not see what you are looking for and experience first-hand the quality that existing Clients and Candidates already enjoy.