IR35 Assessment: Confirmation of New Contract Procedures via an Umbrella Company

Hi Maria

Thank you for confirming the SDS Assessment has been completed for my role.

In line with the Ruling, please take this as confirmation that my preference is now to continue this Assignment through an Umbrella Company.

From looking at the list of FCSA accredited Umbrella Companies, my choice moving forward will be to contract through [NAME OF UMBRELLA COMPANY].

As such, can you please send me the Key Information Document providing all the relevant information for my Assignment including the Statutory emoluments.

You can contact [NAME OF UMBRELLA COMPANY] by liaising with [UMBRELLA CONTACT NAME] on this email and phone number: [INSERT EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER].

My understanding is that the Start Date for this new Contract will need to be set to 6th April 2020.

Many thanks

(Please email this to