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The Candidate Database that Eaglecliff Recruitment has built is truly unique; no other company has worked with so many Contractors within our Specialised Markets for so long.

Our Candidates are as important to us as the Hiring Companies that we work with: they play a vital role in promoting our reputation, our viability and ultimately, our success. Each is treated individually and with care from our initial introduction through to on-going Contractor support and beyond.

Contractors often comment on Trustpilot that Eaglecliff Recruitment is exceptional and unique, offering a Refreshing alternative. We are particularly proud of the long-standing relationships that have been established with such an amazing database of highly talented individuals. These highly talented individuals continuously refer other highly talented individuals, many of whom are not available elsewhere in the Market.

By focusing within our chosen Market Sectors – Energy, Trading, Financial Markets, FinTech, E-Commerce and Distribution – we can accurately match the correct balance of Technical skills and Business expertise to the challenging and exciting Job opportunities available. Listed below are some of the positions you can apply for today.

If you are a Hiring Manager looking for these talented individuals, send an email or call today and carefully matched CV’s will be with you within 48-hours.

Assignments Successfully Placed:

Crude Oil Analyst Power Analyst Contract CoOrdinator C# Developer Python Developer DevOps Engineer Libor Compliance Project Manager Front Office Business Analyst Power Market SME / Consultant Data Engineer, Data Scientist Spotfire Developer 

Exciting Job Opportunities Successfully Placed:

SME / Senior Business Analyst: B2B Power Supply - l&C Customers

Central London
c.£700 per day

Senior Programme Manager/Delivery Lead: European Electricity Portfolio: Trading/Asset Optimisation

Central London
£700-£900 per day

Power Supply Process Improvement Specialist

Central London
c.£600 per day

Senior Data Engineer: Energy Trading

Central London
£600-£750 per day

Senior.NET Engineer: Azure Development: Energy Trading

Central London
£500-£700 per day

Quantitative Developer: Power Trading

Central London
£500-£600 per day

Assignments Successfully Placed

Crude Oil Analyst Power Analyst Contract Co-ordinator C# Developer Python Developer DevOps Engineer Libor Compliance Project Manager Front Office Business Analyst Power Market SME / Consultant Data Engineer, Data Scientist Spotfire Developer 

CV Top Tips

Get the basics right There is no right or wrong way to write a CV but there are common sections that you should cover. These include:
- Personal and contact information
- Education and qualifications
- Work history with full dates From and To
- Experience highlighting main expertise
- Key skills and main achievements
- Hobbies and interests
- References

Presentation is Key A successful CV is always carefully and clearly presented. The layout should be clean and well structured.

Remember the CV Hotspot, the upper middle area on the first page is where the recruiter’s eye will naturally fall first, so make sure to include your most important information there.

Keep it Concise It’s important to make sure your CV covers the main areas of expertise, not every minute detail. Keep it clear and concise.

Make the most of your interests Highlight the things that you personally are keen on, both on a personal level and within your area of expertise. If you have a passion for Artificial Intelligence or for Charity work, show this on your CV.

Be Assertive Use firm and positive language to describe your work history and give examples of specific areas of expertise. Use words such as “developed”, “organised” and “achieved”.

Keep your CV Updated It’s crucial to review your CV on a regular basis and add any new skills or experience that’s missing. 

End to End Recruitment

When you register with Eaglecliff Recruitment, we will take the time to get to know you, to understand your skillset and your experience. You will be working with an experienced Recruitment Consultant who specialises within your Market Sector who will keep you up to date with relevant opportunities.

CV We will offer guidance and support to make sure your CV is highlighting your strengths and that it reads well and is informative.

Interview Before your interview, we will provide plenty of information including a full Job Specification, details about the Company you will be visiting, the team environment and who you will be meeting with. We will make sure you have a map and adequate directions and an email confirmation for the date and the time of your meeting. We will let you know what to expect and whether any technical testing will be part of the Interview process.

You will be well-prepared and you should take the time to ensure that you ask any questions before your meeting. We know our clients well through the strong relationships that we have built so help is always at hand whenever you need it so you perform at your best.

Feedback Whether it’s good or bad, your Recruitment Consultant will always provide full feedback for every interview, usually within 48 hours. We would equally ask that you share your experience with ourselves as well as soon as possible, although we won’t rush you for any decision as we recognise these are important decisions and it’s always best to spend enough time making sure everything has been properly covered during the interview process.

Offer StageAgain, we’re with you every step of the way. If you need to discuss Offer details, we’re here to listen to your questions and to ask for answers. Once you have agreed on a new role, everything is easy with electronic signing of contracts and an on-line compliance process that makes everything simple.

We will list everything that you need to do and we will let you know when each item has been successfully received from Proof of Address to Right to Work in the UK to signing and counter-signing of contracts. A wide range of options are available so you can rest assured that however you wish to work, Eaglecliff Recruitment can make it happen smoothly and professionally.

Ongoing Support> It is important that we all stay in contact and you will hear from us again the week prior to starting  your new Assignment, during your first week and then at the end of  your first four weeks. We regularly hold Eaglecliff Recruitment Meet-ups and Social events and we also meet many of our Candidates for lunch, dinner or drinks after work. Of course, we are also always on the other end of the phone to assist at any time throughout your ongoing Assignment.

Contract Management

Managing contracts is a core component of the recruitment lifecycle; but one that is often overlooked.

The majority of the Assignments that we cover are within the Professional Services domain. Traditionally Contractors have provided their Services through their own Limited Company or through an Umbrella Company but with the changes to the IR35 Legislation in 2021, the model is now changing to one of a PAYE mechanism only.

This means that we are now only working with FCSA accredited umbrella companies as this provides the best solution for the Contractors that we work with and provides the Hiring Companies that we work for with a compliant and reliable solution. There is no point in taking risks and then being investigated by the HMRC if a non-compliant solution has been put in place. This could result in retrospective Tax demands when things are not properly looked after.

An Umbrella Company takes care of all the hard work for you: Deducting Income Tax and National Insurance via Pay As You Earn (PAYE) mechanisms which means there is less admin for you as the Contractor. We have strong partnerships with two: Giant and Brookson One and you can talk to either of these to ask for an Illustration of your Take Home Pay and the Benefits that both companies are able to provide for you. As a Financial Services Company, an umbrella company can offer more flexibility than we can as an Agency in getting you paid.

If you prefer not to work with an Umbrella Company, you can also work through our own Internal PAYE mechanism where we pay you Nett of all Statutory Deductions. This may well not offer the same flexibility with various aspects such as how we manage Pension Contributions but for some Contractors or Temporary Workers it is preferable to keep everything in one place with Eaglecliff Recruitment. The decision is yours to make.

Full support from our own Contractor Support team is provided through every stage of each Contractor’s assignment from the day your offer is confirmed through to the day you finish your Assignment. We always meet face-to-face with as many Contractors as possible and when we can’t, we hold regular on-line meetings to check everyone is happy. This includes confirmation prior to the Start Date that everything is in place, week one checks with our Accounts team and checking payment and payment dates are all clear and agreeable. Ongoing support is always available by simply sending an email or by calling 01732 464 644 at any time.

For a small number of Consultants, we are able to work to SOWs and provide consultancy agreements.

Help is always available for any aspect of your Assignment and we are always pleased to help in any way that we can.

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