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Eaglecliff Energy Energy Energy Recruitment

As Energy companies move away from traditional markets into Wind, Solar and Power, providing cleaner energy solutions across a global portfolio of new products, both from a Supply and Trading perspective, the database of opportunities offered in this Sector is also growing daily.

New ways of working are being created within Trading teams including a trend in automating much of the Front Office and Trading and Sales Operations, introducing Ultra Low Latency Market Data for Automated Trading & Market Data Back-testing. These changes are creating a new breed of high performing, IT Technologists combining outstanding academic achievement with algorithms and technical skills including C# and Python, Cloud Technologies, Data Lakes, DevOps and Data Visualisation using Spotfire and others.

B2B Supply and Consumer Markets are also changing, along with Smarter ways of using Energy and conserving valuable Power supplies. Battery Storage facilities that enhance Solar performance are improving rapidly and Electric Vehicle charging stations are emerging in even the most unexpected parts of the world to help remove the reliance of Fossil fuels by 2030.

Whether you are a Hiring Manager looking to recruit in the Energy world or whether you are working in the Energy world and you are looking for your next opportunity, the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team will provide you with an accurately matched, refreshing experience through every stage of the Recruitment lifecycle.

Technical Architects (ETRM, Align) Technical Leads (C#, C++, WPF, API’s) Front and Backend Developers Data Platform Engineers (Gas and Power, LNG, Commodities) Python Developers (Flask, Django, SQL) Data Visualisation experts (GUI) Azure Specialist (DevOps, Functions, Warehouses, Lakes, Storage)

Assignments Successfully Placed:

Crude Oil Analyst Power Analyst Contract CoOrdinator C# Developer Python Developer DevOps Engineer Libor Compliance Project Manager Front Office Business Analyst Power Market SME / Consultant Data Engineer, Data Scientist Spotfire Developer 

Talented Resources and Job Opportunities Available Within...

B2B and B2C
Power Supply

Working closely with leading players in the New Energies market has created a new Division focusing around Power Supply, both in the Business to Business and in the Business to Consumer market sectors. These new initiatives create new and exciting opportunities. We are now able to provide amazing people who can help build out and deliver these new challenges.

People who are energising the transition for a global Oil and Gas company into becoming one of the major Energy supply businesses throughout the UK and in Europe as well as retaining its market place as a leading marketer and trader of energy commodities. Initiatives include Smart Metering and the DCC, the Electricity Market Reform, the Retail Market Review and Flexible Retail Contracts and their integration into ETRM systems and platforms.

As part of this transition, we are now working with highly talented Energy Consultants who can lead the way and who can define the processes that will enable business customers to be provided with innovative, reliable and cleaner energy solutions, helping them meet their energy needs and navigate through the energy transition.

Smarter use of Energy is evident throughout these programmes including the installation of Smart meters, the adoption of electric vehicle charging stations and new battery storage facilities to enhance Solar efficiency.

By working with the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team, you will have access to this database quickly and efficiently with a range of new skills that are constantly changing in these evolving marketplaces.

Commodities Trading and Risk Management

Working with one of the largest and most experienced Energy merchants in the world, with Trading activities in every major Energy market around the world, has enabled the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team to build an unrivalled database of highly skilled IT technicians that deliver first-class solutions into dynamic environments.

These Trading activities include Natural Gas, Electricity, Crude Oil, Refined Products, Chemical Feed-stocks and Environmental products.

With increasing complexity in Gas and Power markets and shifting Regulations and volatile Energy trading conditions, it is essential to recruit and retain highly talented individuals who can really make a difference to profitability and success. For over 10 years the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team have worked across a range of Energy Trading Risk Management platforms including Aligne, Endur and Allegro. These platforms provide data-driven support that enables better position visibility, risk management, control and regulatory compliance that is powered by world-class analytical tools.

Highly sought after Consultants are available with strong expertise across a wide range of Commodities. Technical skills are combined with Business expertise that adds competitive advantage to any technology migration or upgrade within the Energy Trading and Risk Management sector with many Consultants having worked with Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment for many years.

Competitive Mark-ups are always disclosed and offered without the need for harsh negotiation.

Front Office Software Development

Developers and Software Engineers are available from the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team who combine strong Commodities Trading and Energy Trading with programming expertise across C#, Python, Java and C++ on .Net technologies. These highly sought after individuals work in the Front Office directly with the Traders and with the Quants in developing Front Office tools that help with decision making, automation of trades, trade capture and risk exposure.

An Engineer oversees the system as a whole using Engineering principles, whilst a Developer focuses on creating Functional software. These are innovative-thinking, analytical and results-focused Senior Developers and IT Professionals with proven expertise in developing these high performance, distributable, low latency and inherently secure propositions for Commodities within Energy Trading, delivering resilient Enterprise-level solutions within fast-moving, dynamic Trading environments.

Distributed, real-time Risk platforms are being designed and developed that create competitive advantage and incorporate data visualisation tools and strong algorithmic data feeds that offer innovative technology that enhances performance.

We are able to source these talented individuals when we work together in a collaborative way. Skills span the full end-to-end software development lifecycle including requirements analysis and design, architecture, data science, algorithmic modelling, technical development, QA and testing through to final delivery and on-going support.

Also available from the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team is a wide range of dynamic Business Analysts, Project Managers and Consultants who can be relied upon for professional software and application delivery in traditional Energy Trading markets and within the New Energies and Renewables markets as well, including Wind and Power, along with compliance and statutory regulations.

Competitive Mark-ups are always disclosed and offered without the need for harsh negotiation.

Back Office and Middle Office Compliance

The Middle Office is the department in a Financial Services company, Investment bank or Hedge Fund that sits in between the Front Office – where the Trading takes place - and the Back Office, where the Settlements are confirmed. It typically manages Risk and calculates Profits and Losses. It is generally in charge of Information Technology as well, apart from the more specialised Front Office technology that would form part of a different IT Engineering Group.

An established database is readily available within the KYC and Counterparty On-boarding team, which works within a wide range of Regulatory Reporting Services such as MiFIR, REMIT and LIBOR. This expertise stretches across a wide range of Financial Crime investigative activities as well as High Net Worth Individuals, drawing upon talented individuals with experience gained from large financial and trading organisations.

Alongside this database are Energy specialists who work within the Back Office, including job functions such as that of a Contracts Co-Ordinator, who may be focused on Gas, Power and Environmental products markets and who is responsible for receiving and reconciling Counterparty Confirmations, chasing outstanding and overdue Recaps and Confirmations to ensure receipt within contractual deadlines, supporting regular monthly KPI’s within Gas, Power, Emissions or Derivatives.

You could also find a Power Analyst working in the Operations team with strong Operational knowledge of the GB Power Market and Power invoicing and Bill preparation processes. These roles are crucial to the profitability of a strong Trading organisation and essential in growing Power activities, successfully navigating through current initiatives of growing Energy transitions towards a low-carbon energy system.

Again the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team has been working within these areas of expertise for over 10 years, resulting in an extensive range of talented individuals.

New Energies and Renewables

As the world progresses towards more and more Clean energy and lower-carbon technology options through the use of Electric Vehicle Charging and Hydrogen, specialized Consultants have proven expertise working with the latest technology that is powering these transitions. Drawing upon a partnership that spans over 10 years of providing highly competent, professional consultants to one of the world’s leading Energy companies has enabled the Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team to build an amazing database of Talented individuals that have expertise within these new initiatives that embraces Electricity, Wind, Solar, Hydrogen and Bio-Fuels.

This database consists of SME’s focusing on New Energies and Renewables who can bring in-house business expertise that will enhance current capabilities in these new fields, especially within Trading.

Electricity is vital to our daily lives and can help meet rising Energy demand with fewer emissions. There is also great potential in offshore and onshore Wind with Solar being one of the fastest-growing Renewable Energy sources. Opportunities exist for new ideas and new ways of working that maximise the potential for change within environments that can begin to lead the way in these innovative initiatives. Already the Contractor database of highly skilled individuals is growing rapidly within New Energies and Renewables.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Eaglecliff Energy Recruitment team also works closely with New Ventures helping to grow Start-ups with disruptive and cleaner energy. These innovative Start-ups are creating products that reduce costs, lower emissions and electrify our energy systems. Electric Vehicles are playing a growing role in transporting people and products and Hydrogen is playing a significant role in the transition to a low-carbon energy system.

Competitive Mark-ups are always disclosed and offered without the need for harsh negotiation.

DevOps and Cloud Technologies

Using deeply-integrated Cloud Services, Enterprises can rapidly build, deploy and manage simple to complex applications with ease. We are working with a leading Energy Trading company to supply the best Talent for building their Data Warehouse that ingests data primarily from an Aligne ETRM system into an MS-Azure data lake and this then presents dashboards to the Market Risk team and to the Traders. This system provides all Power, Gas and Emissions desks with a single source of truth for all their reporting needs and offers exceptional ground-breaking advances in technology.

After providing dynamic Resources to various teams using Azure, AWS and GCP, a wide range of IT Consultants are readily available who can help to build the next generation of applications using the latest Opensource technologies and Cloud Native Engineering toolsets. Exciting opportunities are available for DevOps Engineers with key skills around Docker, Chef, Puppet and Kubernetes. Platform Architects are available who can build the architecture that will enable Developers to focus on developing code via Cloud tools with the database as a Service, similar to SAAS, IAAS or PAAS solutions.

Azure provides High Availability, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Capabilities, enhanced Security, greater Scalability and Flexibility and Cost Efficiency.

Competitive Mark-ups are always disclosed and offered without the need for harsh negotiation.


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