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How an MSP or RPO Works Works Works

Having a Managed Service Provider is essentially outsourcing the Recruitment or Talent acquisition department of the organisation. Hiring Managers are often unaware that their Recruiters are from an Outsourced Provider and the truth is… it doesn’t actually matter. What they really care about is that they are getting the best Talent available and quickly and easily.

An MSP is a marriage of two businesses. A long term Partnership working in collaboration with aligned values and goals and as such, each MSP Partnership is unique. The details of how to do this are determined upfront and the result is a Contract which governs the relationship.

An MSP contract is usually comprehensive and covers multiple topics, ranging from Information Security to Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators and Metrics to remedial Actions and even an Exit plan of what process to follow when the Contract ends. There are a few addendums to such a Contract which would include, for example, the Target Operating Model outlining the structure of the team. It all depends on what is needed.

There are various and numerous factors that need to be considered beforehand such as:

  • Location: is an onsite or offsite team going to work best? Or a blended model?
  • Would off-shoring or near-shoring be considered or viable?
  • Agency management: Vendor neutral or Master vendor?
  • Are dedicated teams required or are centralised teams sufficient?
  • What part of the Recruitment process is being outsourced?
  • If not all parts are being outsourced, how will the remainder be managed?
  • Would dedicated Relationship Managers be required and would these be based on-site?
  • Will Recruitment Innovation and Technology be included in the Outsourcing agreement?

The answers to this will all determine how the Recruitment function is structured, which in turn will impact the cost. This means that there are various ways to price an outsourced solution. The secret is creating the most cost effective

Solution whilst retaining Quality and ensuring Efficiency and a good MSP Partner can do this.


To exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates alike, through the supply and management of high-calibre professionals within forward-thinking global organisations.