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Benefits of partnering partnering partnering with an outsourced provider

Forming a long term Partnership with an Outsourced Provider can yield short, medium and long term benefits, as well as benefits that are tangible and intangible. How and when the benefits come into fruition depends on the model that’s been put in place.

Some of the benefits mentioned below could be seen in the short to medium term:
  • Streamlined and Improved Processes
  • Consolidated Invoicing and Accounts queries
  • Robust Reporting and Data Management
  • Significantly reduced Administrative burden
  • Compliance with Pre-Employment Screening
  • Industry Best Practice Guidelines

An Outsourced Recruitment solution can be modelled in various ways; whether as a combination of onsite and offsite or simply having only one or the other. It all depends on what is needed. Having one or some of the Outsourced Provider’s staff dedicated onsite at the Client’s main head office or appropriate location where the majority of the Hiring Managers are based gives the perfect solution. These Recruitment industry experts can be Brand ambassadors to the internal Hiring population onsite, they can consult with the internal population to help retain staff and also represent the Client with regards to the external Talent market. These onsite Ambassadors could tap into their centralised Office functions for additional support as needed and assist with any Initiatives that add value to the Recruitment and Human Resource department.

Long term benefits are where the value compounds:
  • Significantly reduced Attrition
  • An enhanced Brand and more Brand awareness
  • Reduced Costs and ongoing Cost Saving initiatives
  • Improved Workforce Planning directly with Hiring Managers
  • More focus on diverse Hiring and improved Diversity across the Business
  • Enhanced Productivity from the Resourcing or HR functions as a result of streamlined processes
  • Ongoing Compliance and assistance with changing Legislative regulations

Most Outsourced Providers will be keen to build a long term Partnership spanning a few years. They can then help their Clients create long term Hiring strategies to shape the future of their Business. Working together achieves goals that simply could not be possible without such a Partnership in place. The Benefits are huge to both parties.

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