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“No possible improvement. I rely on them completely. Eaglecliff Recruitment have been an amazing help. They provide excellent customer service at all times.”

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Assignments Successfully Placed:

Business Analyst: Gas & Electricity Supply: Salesforce SAP Solution Architect : Cloud : Azure + AWS Senior Python Developer : Front Office Energy Trading Global External Relations Adviser : Corporate Comms Principal Transformational Change Manager Agile Consultant: Global ETRM Upgrade DevOps Engineer : Cloud Native : Global Energy Co. Project Manager / Scrum Master: HR Transformation Communications and Change Lead : Retail Operations Continuous Improvement Consultant : Six Sigma Technology Lead : PL/SQL / Smart Metering & DCC Lync Architect / Consultant : Skype Migration Global Digital Marketing Manager: Technology Solutions

1. Talent Search

The team of dedicated Recruitment Consultants at Eaglecliff Recruitment have access to some of the Top Talent that Europe has to offer.

The network of professional Consultants who have provided their Services within the Eaglecliff framework is quite exceptional and truly unique. This network represents many of the leading Consultants who have delivered innovative, best-in-class global projects which played a critical role in the success of the high-profile companies that Eaglecliff represents. This includes working on large, globally dispersed projects demanding strong stakeholder interaction through to difficult-to-find technical skills with new programming languages that are heavily in demand.

With such a strong reputation in the marketplace for accurately matching hiring manager needs across our chosen business sectors, the Candidate database at Eaglecliff Recruitment has been built through many years and primarily through personal referrals, with many of the Contractors choosing to work with Eaglecliff Recruitment on an exclusive basis.

Our Candidates are as important to us as our Customers: they play an important role in promoting our reputation, our viability and ultimately, our success.

Whether you need to recruit for a Permanent employee, a Contractor as part of your project team or an independent Consultant, the Talent Databank at Eaglecliff Recruitment will be an excellent starting point. Combining this with exceptional Service Levels throughout every stage of the Recruitment Lifecycle with sensible Commission Levels without the need for harsh negotiation should make your choice of Recruitment Partner even easier.

An initial call or an email can be the start of your journey to finding the Right Resource at the Right Price quickly and easily every time you need to find a valuable new addition to your own team.

Don’t just take our word for it: A quick visit to the Reviews on our Trustpilot page should also point you in the right direction.

Primary locations are the UK and NL but other roles have been successfully sourced throughout much of Europe.

2. End to End Recruitment

Each job is different. Each team is different. Each business sector is different. Understanding exactly where your new Resource will fit and the culture of the team is as important as matching key technical skills and business expertise.

Understanding Individual Job Requirements: 

Each job is different. Each team is different. Each business sector is different.

Understanding exactly where your new Resource will fit and the culture of the team is as important as matching key technical skills and business expertise.

When you need to hire a new Resource, it’s important to have a call or an on-line meeting with one of the Account Managers at Eaglecliff Recruitment, who will already have experience of recruiting for similar roles. We can then establish who will fit in perfectly for the Job role and for the existing team and will eliminate waste by understanding your needs.

Advice and guidance will also be available around Salary structures or Contractor Pay Rates and we can even help put together a comprehensive Job Specification if this is not already available. During this call or meeting it will be good to have a more in-depth understanding of the projects that are currently being implemented or that are planned, along with any additional information that will be helpful to ensure only correctly aligned CV’s are sent to  you.

Sending CV’s

Accurate matching from our extensive Candidate database matching will happen immediately, with potentially suitable applicants being contacted both by the telephone and via email. Alongside this, Social Media searches are also conducted that will identify accurately matched applicants that might not be actively looking for a new role but who might be tempted by the opportunities on offer. Each Job role is also advertised on a range of suitable on-line Job boards, which again will attract any suitable applicants who might be on the look-out for a new opportunity as well.

Your Account Manager will work with the Eaglecliff Recruitment Resourcing team to establish exactly what is needed and to short-list potential applicants to further eliminate waste and as a form of “First Interview” prior to submitting suitable applicants to Hiring Managers. Again, soft skills here play a very important part of the Selection process.

Depending on the requirements of the Job Role, we would provide between 3 and 6 CV’s for initial evaluation by Hiring Managers, often within 48 hours of receiving initial instructions.

Interview Stage

We would expect a Hiring Manager to select 2 or 3 applicants to go through to the Interview stage, which can often include an initial call with the Hiring Manager or a face-to-face meeting. Your Account Manager will have provided additional information to each applicant to ensure that he or she is fully aware of all of the available information about the Job role, has confirmation via email of the date and time and location of the interview and has been asked to make sure they prepare well in advance to ensure a comprehensive interview can take place. Feedback will be provided to Hiring Managers within 24 hours of each interview taking place which will ensure the end-to-end Recruitment process runs smoothly.

Offer Stage, Contract Negotiation and On-Boarding:

Once you have selected the suitable new Resource for your team, it’s important to finalise on the details for the Offer and to ensure Contracts are signed quickly. Again, you will be working with your dedicated Eaglecliff Recruitment Account Manager who will be able to help you understand how Payment Rates are made up, who can discuss other potential issues such as IR35 and the AWR with you and who can ensure that your selected Applicant is happy to accept your offer to join the team. Contracts and signing that can happen same day through Secured Signing, a paperless e-signing facility integrated into the Eaglecliff Recruitment IT Platform. Other documentation such as Non-Disclosure Agreements can also be signed electronically as well.

The On-boarding process will also include provision for a full Compliance Pack for Contractors, which includes Proof of ID, Proof of Residence, Right to Work in the UK or in NL, References from previous Assignments and even Next of Kin details In Case of Emergency All of this is undertaken immediately and takes between 2-5 days to complete..

Candidate Retention and Management

Finding excellent Talent is one thing and it’s something that Eaglecliff Recruitment have been doing for over 30 years. However, it is equally important to keep excellent Talent once the On-Boarding process has been finalised. Getting the fit right in the first place helps to ensure that your new Resource is happy in the new role and that each Hiring Manager is equally happy with each new member in the team. Again, your dedicated Account Manager will provide full post-placement support and if any issues do arise, you will be informed of these straight away. Often it is possible to eliminate Risk by early identification if anything isn’t working and again your Account Manager will work with you through every stage of each Assignment and beyond.

It’s important to us that we are there for you and for the Contractor throughout the Assignment. Our Accounts team have an excellent track-record of getting everyone paid quickly and accurately and our Contracts team will finalise all contract related tasks and queries on your behalf such as Rate Reviews, Extensions and Changes to End Dates.

3. Contract Management

Contract Management can be a complex function as it consists of multiple activities that all ultimately need to link up – particularly from a Compliance perspective.

Contract Management can be a complex function as it consists of multiple activities that all ultimately need to link up – particularly from a Compliance perspective. With strict rules and regulations it is imperative that all our Contractors have the correct Contract Management in place including documentation such as a Client Non-Disclosure Agreement or an Intellectual Property Undertaking as well as the correct contract.

The range of contracts available covers the following domains:

  • PAYE Temporary Worker
  • Contract for the Provision of Professional Services: Contract Labour
  • Consultancy Agreement for the Provision of Professional Services
  • Third-Party Agency Supplier Agreement
  • Fixed Price Consultancy Agreement
  • Statement of Work Project Agreement
  • Umbrella Company Agreement for Resources
  • Terms of Business: Permanent Recruitment

The Contracts Team work closely with the Accounts team to ensure that every new Resource also understands how they are to be paid as well as how often and how quickly they are to be paid.

As the Hiring Manager, your role is simply to ensure that the relevant Work Order, Purchase Order or Contract is signed off from the client side; the Eaglecliff Recruitment Contracts Team will provide a full Compliance Pack which will be sent to you prior to the Start Date of any new Contractor Assignment or Consultancy Agreement.

You can rest assured that all Statutory Regulation is correctly covered off with important Legislation such as IR35 and AWR being looked after by the Operations Manager, who has extensive experience with these aspects and who works directly with our own Legal Advisors to ensure that we ourselves are also fully updated on changes to the Legislation.

Electronic signing makes the whole process quick and reliable and all of this ensures that you, the Hiring Manager, can be assured that every aspect of Service Delivery is fully taken care of, including the signing of all contracts!!!

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