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“Excellent communications and care received before and during assignment.”
TK – Retail Merchandising Specialist
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A Managed Service Provision, or MSP, is when the sourcing, engagement and administration of ‘non-permanent’ resources and tasks is managed by an external provider.

The purpose of Eaglecliff’s Managed Service Provision is to offer professional Services throughout the Recruitment and Resourcing process, ensuring Clients and Contractors alike are treated equally with total transparency. Drawing upon expertise developed as the UK Payrolling Partner for one of the world’s leading Oil Supermajors, the Managed Services division at Eaglecliff Recruitment was introduced in 2009.

A Managed Service Provision looks after the sourcing, engagement and administration of Contractors and Temporary Workers through a Standardised Contract that is put in place with Non-PSL Suppliers, Agencies and Consultancies. This Master Vendor Agreement is managed by the MSP and provides “Operational Excellence” through careful management of individual Suppliers and streamlined provision of Management Reporting which would otherwise be difficult to implement.

The Eaglecliff MSP Solution is already proving to be a reliable Partner to global companies.

Key Performance Indicators can be monitored including:

  • Quality of CVs
  • Job Participation Ratio
  • Suitability and Success Rates
  • Speed of Responsiveness
  • Performance of Suppliers
  • Rate Card Compliance
  • Structured Pricing
  • Reduced Costs
  • Atrition Rates

Best practices are introduced and policies enforced across the Supply Chain. An enviable relationship has been established with over 100 third-party non-PSL suppliers, including leading names in Recruitment and niche Consultancies who often might provide only one or two resources with rare and scarce skills – as well as larger established Recruitment Agencies that are household names.

Eaglecliff Recruitment offers an unrivalled visibility and control of a company’s non-permanent workforce, including Temporary Workers and Independent Consultants.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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Meet the team2

Meet the team

People often comment on how different it is working with Eaglecliff Recruitment. Talk to anyone on the team and you will understand why. Service-driven probably describes the key attributes which are backed up by initiative, attention to detail, determination, capabilities and compassion. People are our most important Resource: All function independently, yet are dependent upon one another for achievement and success. Experts in their chosen fields, chosen for the results they achieve.

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Meet the team

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The best way to find out more about Eaglecliff Recruitment and the ways in which the company excels within the Talent Acquisition and Retention marketplace is to talk to us. If you prefer to read about the company first, a Brochure download facility is available here. Key questions will be answered but one of the key strengths of Eaglecliff Recruitment is the ability to adapt and to grow and to take on new challenges with positive results. Talk to us if you do not see what you are looking for and experience first-hand the quality that existing Clients and Candidates already enjoy.