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“I always found my dealings with Eaglecliff very professional. They have been very responsive over these past few years. I would be extremely happy to contract through Eaglecliff again or recommend them.” BS – Programme Delivery Support
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Primarily these cover:

  • Shipbroking: Competitive and In-House
  • Research and Market Analysis
  • Ship Operations
  • Port Services
  • Demurrage
  • Support

Shipbroking: Competitive and In-house

Opportunities for ambitious, dynamic Shipbrokers across a wide range of Shipping disciplines including as an exclusive owner’s broker, chartering representative or as a competitive broker. All aspects of broking are covered offering extensive liaison between owners, operators and charterers, negotiations on freight rates on spot and time charters and post-fixture operations.

Many of the people that we work with will be a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and they have a proven track record of significantly impacting on the success of world leading companies. Many roles operate within a competitive environment where strong relationship building, networking and previous expertise are all key factors to success in securing long term period fixtures as well as concluding spot business.


Demurrage represents a key part of the Shipping industry where it is essential to provide the correct advice and guidance to Oil and Freight Traders on the potential recovery of demurrage and other voyage related expenses. Typical responsibilities include calculating and preparing freight, hire, demurrage, deviation and expense claims, working in accordance with governing charter parties.

This includes verifying vendor invoices for voyage related bunker costs and broker commissions, reviewing port cost charges, identifying recoverable costs, maintaining performance records of vessels time chartered in and out and on spot fixtures, receiving, negotiating and sometimes rejecting claims from Third Party Owners on chartered vessels, making sure the Trade book is always fully informed of changes to P&L, ensuring that all payments are authorized, calculating any deviation and detention costs.

Ship Operations

Ship Operations revolve around daily communication with Vessel Owners, Charterers, Brokers and Port Agents as well as internal departments including technical, accounting and finance in order to ensure full compliance with contract terms for every voyage. These roles include monitoring vessel performance data and fixture results, arranging in-port operations, inspections, surveys and documentation, monitoring contract performance, controlling payments for services relating to each voyage and disbursements and chasing post-fixture balances, reporting to all the different departments along the way. These roles are crucial to the success of the cargo shipments so it is essential that only highly qualified, professional individuals are located who have a keen eye for attention to detail and for timely reporting.
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Meet the team2

Meet the team

People often comment on how different it is working with Eaglecliff Recruitment. Talk to anyone on the team and you will understand why. Service-driven probably describes the key attributes which are backed up by initiative, attention to detail, determination, capabilities and compassion. People are our most important Resource: All function independently, yet are dependent upon one another for achievement and success. Experts in their chosen fields, chosen for the results they achieve.

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Meet the team

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The best way to find out more about Eaglecliff Recruitment and the ways in which the company excels within the Talent Acquisition and Retention marketplace is to talk to us. If you prefer to read about the company first, a Brochure download facility is available here. Key questions will be answered but one of the key strengths of Eaglecliff Recruitment is the ability to adapt and to grow and to take on new challenges with positive results. Talk to us if you do not see what you are looking for and experience first-hand the quality that existing Clients and Candidates already enjoy.