Why FCSA Accredited Umbrella Companies


The reason why we have chosen to work purely with an FCSA accredited Umbrellas Company is to protect everyone from Financial Risk.

This includes Financial Risk to ourselves, to the contractors that we work with and to the clients that we work with, both now and in the future.

By working with FCSA accredited Umbrella Companies we feel that the code of conduct is much stronger, the audit process is better and this is reviewed regularly by HMRC.

We also feel that it is a more recognised option with End Clients, partly because the audit process is a lot stricter than that which is conducted by say the Professional Passport Umbrella companies.

We find that most End Clients are now dictating that they will only engage with FCSA accredited companies and we felt that we might hit a problem if we add a non-FCSA Member to our PSL.

You are free to work with any FCSA accredited Umbrella Company that you wish to work with and you can find a list of these here:

Many contractors are already looking at the Umbrella Company solution as this seems to be the easiest way forward for most people.

We would suggest that you contact at least three FCSA accredited Umbrella Companies who can explain everything to you as they are Financial Advisors.

They will also be able to provide you with an Illustration of your Take Home Pay and how everything can work after 6th April 2020.

We will then need to put contracts in place with your chosen Umbrella Company and they will then put contracts in place with you.

We already have a close working relationship with Liberty Bishop, Parasol and JSA so these are good options for you as well.:






As a guide to the cost of these, Liberty Bishop are offering preferential rates of £20 per week to Eaglecliff Contractors.

Again, your Financial Advisor or your Accountant can advise you how best to proceed with this.

If we can help further at this stage, please let me know.