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EagleCliff Recruitment is a specialist IT Recruitment Company that works with a large portfolio of Industry leading companies, with a key focus within the Energy sector.

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Highly talented individuals are available both on a permanent and contract basis within IT, technology, and change management. Our team of professional recruitment consultants work in a very different way to other recruitment companies, offering a high level of customer service for everyone that we work with. Candidates are treated individually and with care and continually return to EagleCliff Recruitment when looking for their next move within the corporate sector. This creates a unique candidate database of talent that has been curated over 20 years through working in close partnership with one of the world’s top two energy companies. We also operate a totally transparent and cost-effective pricing structure, which has been proven to reduce on-going hiring costs for our customers, working to sensible mark-ups without the need for harsh negotiation.

One of the key strengths at EagleCliff Recruitment is the outstanding database of IT, technology and change management contractors that has been built up over the last 40 years.

Contractors are not replacements for permanent staff but a cost-effective resource to be used whenever circumstances indicate a need to quickly and effectively bring on board a range of skill sets, additional manpower or through an urgency in meeting project milestones. Often utilised in a project-based capacity, they are hugely valuable resources and the success of many of the world's leading projects can depend heavily on making sure that the right calibre of contractor is found.

The EagleCliff database of contractors is totally unique and is not available anywhere else, having been built up through close collaboration for over 20 years within the energy sector, including energy trading, ETRM and change management. Many of these contractors come to us from personal recommendation and are not available elsewhere in the marketplace. Typical assignments include:

• Retail IT
• CRM solutions
• Digital ventures
• Gas, power, wind & solar
• Commodities marketing & trading
• Customer loyalty & retention schemes
• Business strategy and transformation
• IT infrastructure and communication
• Technical architecture road maps
• Marketing and communications
• E-commerce payment systems
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Global market hub

Representing the top 5% of talent available in the UK, many of these contractors typically have a strong consultancy background. Working directly with the contractor base provides cost-effective mechanisms for the transition of these skills where contractors have provided proactive solutions working with geographically dispersed project teams and high-level stakeholders.

They deliver challenging, complex and innovative global solutions and projects covering the entire software development lifecycle, business change and communications and ongoing support and development.

Permanent recruitment services extend across the full end-to-end lifecycle of recruitment from customer branding, advertising, networking, social media, talent acquisition, interview techniques, contract negotiation, market intelligence, and talent retention.
Working closely with human resources and alongside the talent acquisition teams within the companies that we work with enables EagleCliff Recruitment to build an accurate understanding of the type of individual who will fit perfectly into each organisation and into each specific job role. Technical and business skills are combined with the correct culture fit to ensure that teams work well together and in harmony.
Many of the permanent roles that are filled by EagleCliff Recruitment come through contractor transitions, where it is becoming increasingly more attractive for contractors to move to a permanent role after an initial period as an interim resource.
Others are filled through extensive networking, seeking out of specialist skills and talents from qualified professionals who are not actively seeking a new role. Through careful networking and creative use of social media, it is often possible to locate perfectly matched applicants who are not available through other mechanisms on the marketplace.

The effective sourcing, engagement, and management of contractors through non-PSL suppliers ensuring full compliance and providing cost-effective solutions that are carefully managed and streamlined into a standard supply chain mechanism, adding value and reliability that might otherwise not be maintained.

Introduced initially in 2009, the EagleCliff Managed Service Provision has successfully onboarded a wide range of third-party suppliers; specialist agencies and consultancies that provide niche technical skills that might not otherwise have been achievable through the usual resourcing channels.

MSP capabilities include:

• Contractor and temporary worker resourcing
• Vendor and third-party agency management and engagement
• Payrolling and onboarding new hires with a range of contract options
• Market intelligence and reporting including contractor pay rate comparisons
• Pre-employment screening and compliance packs available for all contractors
• Value-added initiatives: cost savings, best practice, process efficiencies
• Running through an MSP model ensures that consultants, contractors, and temporary workers are engaged through a standardised contract which correlates with the Master Services Agreement in place with the clients that we work      with. This not only provides operational excellence but also allows for streamlined BI reporting, market intelligence, and stakeholder management.

A range of resource management systems are encompassed within the MSP functionality including FieldGlass, Beeline, and IQNavigator.

For roles that are worked outside IR35, provision is in place to ensure that the statement of work is formally agreed between the client and the consultant which broadly describes the project scope of work to be completed, the responsibilities, and the expectations within this project and the projected timelines to achieve these objectives.

Within this statement of work, we may well then look at the specific tasks that a particular project manager has to perform to reach all the objectives defined in the statement of work so both entities may be used within the contractual terms that are put in place. This may work with a consultancy where more than one resource is utilised at different stage gates of the project delivery. Both fixed price agreements and stage gate project agreements are available to cover a wide range of options that are available.

The Effective Sourcing, Engagement and Management of Contractors Through Non-PSL Suppliers and Vendors.

One of the fastest growing divisions at EagleCliff Recruitment, where we payroll direct contractors and a wide range of third party suppliers – specialist agencies and consultancies – across IT, digital, change management, marketing and communications, finance and accounting, procurement, legal and HR services. Contracts are in place with leading names within the recruitment and consultancy sectors, including some of the largest suppliers of manpower globally, as well as highly specialised, niche skill consultancies who would not be part of a general PSL yet who are essential suppliers for small numbers of specialist skill-sets.

By acting as the UK payrolling partner, this not only distances potential co-employment relationships but also ensures that statutory compliance and corporate governance is aligned. Not only are new resources introduced and onboarded quickly and efficiently, the benefits continue through to payment and invoicing stages, eliminating delays and reducing costs. The processes and procedures work well for all parties: client, consultant, contractor, temporary worker, third party supplier and EagleCliff Recruitment.

In 2009 EagleCliff Recruitment was asked by a world leading energy company to help set up a new initiative managing direct contractors and third-party suppliers of contractors and temporary workers within the professional services arena. This would streamline and consolidate resourcing procedures and provide a single point of contact as well as ensuring compliance with all statutory regulations and internal business principles.

Working closely with the procurement and resourcing teams based in London, The Netherlands, Malaysia and the US, over 3000 new resources have been successfully and professional on-boarded. Many work on a direct basis but we also manage around 100 third-party non-PSL suppliers that are vital within the Supply Chain. This ensures that specialist, niche consultancies can supply highly sought after individuals who are not readily available in the marketplace. This provides a fast and reliable mechanism for on-boarding scarce skills quickly and compliantly whenever the need arises.

Payrolling also provides a fast and reliable mechanism for on-boarding contractors who have worked previously for this Energy Super Major when they need to return for new challenges. Through a close partnership with internal recruiters and talent acquisition specialists, it is also possible to engage quickly and professionally with resources that have been identified directly and with those that come from internal referrals and recommendations.

Over the past 5 years, EagleCliff Recruitment has developed integrated reporting capabilities that draw on real-time data from within the contractor community that we work with.

This has enabled the implementation of a range of BI reports including:

• New starters
• Onboarding compliance
• Total contractor population
• Equality, diversity & inclusion
• Pay rate comparisons
• Contractor spend
• Early finishers

Power BI reporting can then be drilled down to highlight specific data that has not previously been readily available. This can help massively to highlight areas where cost savings can be achieved or where there is a potential gender imbalance within the workplace.

An example of the Power BI reporting available is shown below:

Percentage share of new starters by supplier YTD

Market intelligence reporting is available that allows EagleCliff Recruitment to gather and to analyse information that is relevant to the recruitment functions of the clients that we work with. MI reporting is critical in maintaining competitor advantage when there is a need to attract and retain the best talent available.

Key MI reports include:

• Salary comparisons
• Market rates for contractors
• Rate cards for job requisitions
• Equality, diversity & inclusion


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