Our Payrolling Services

The Effective Sourcing, Engagement and Management of Contractors Through Non-PSL Suppliers and Vendors

EagleCliff Recruitment Payrolling

One of the fastest growing divisions at EagleCliff Recruitment, where we payroll direct contractors and a wide range of third party suppliers – specialist agencies and consultancies – across IT, digital, change management, marketing and communications, finance and accounting, procurement, legal and HR services. Contracts are in place with leading names within the recruitment and consultancy sectors, including some of the largest suppliers of manpower globally, as well as highly specialised, niche skill consultancies who would not be part of a general PSL yet who are essential suppliers for small numbers of specialist skill-sets.

By acting as the UK payrolling partner, this not only distances potential co-employment relationships but also ensures that statutory compliance and corporate governance is aligned. Not only are new resources introduced and onboarded quickly and efficiently, the benefits continue through to payment and invoicing stages, eliminating delays and reducing costs. The processes and procedures work well for all parties: client, consultant, contractor, temporary worker, third party supplier and EagleCliff Recruitment.

Case Study

In 2009 EagleCliff Recruitment was asked by a world leading energy company to help set up a new initiative managing direct contractors and third-party suppliers of contractors and temporary workers within the professional services arena. This would streamline and consolidate resourcing procedures and provide a single point of contact as well as ensuring compliance with all statutory regulations and internal business principles.

Working closely with the procurement and resourcing teams based in London, The Netherlands, Malaysia and the US, over 3000 new resources have been successfully and professional on-boarded. Many work on a direct basis but we also manage around 100 third-party non-PSL suppliers that are vital within the Supply Chain. This ensures that specialist, niche consultancies can supply highly sought after individuals who are not readily available in the marketplace. This provides a fast and reliable mechanism for on-boarding scarce skills quickly and compliantly whenever the need arises.

Payrolling also provides a fast and reliable mechanism for on-boarding contractors who have worked previously for this Energy Super Major when they need to return for new challenges. Through a close partnership with internal recruiters and talent acquisition specialists, it is also possible to engage quickly and professionally with resources that have been identified directly and with those that come from internal referrals and recommendations

January 2009

The procurement team within a global, world-leading energy company asked if EagleCliff Recruitment could form a new partnership acting as the UK payrolling partner. The task was to identify a wide range of resources who were contracted as a sole trader within the organisation and to liaise with each of the resources – around 90 of them – and to ensure compliance with statutory legislation through the development of personal service companies or through a PAYE mechanism that needed to be established. From the initial 90 resources that were identified as sole traders, 88 were successfully set up within the first three months in line with the new regulations.

December 2014

Once again the EagleCliff payrolling contract with a world-leading energy company is renewed for a further three years. This incorporates a new initiative that revolves around the introduction of a “Sliding Scale” for third-party agencies which would save an additional £1m in supplier costs. This “Sliding Scale” was based upon a three-year term, during which the third-party agency would need to agree to a further reduction in mark-up at the end of each 12 month period of any resource being on assignment. Although initially challenging to introduce, after the first 12 months all but one of the initial third-party agencies had agreed to the new terms, which could then be introduced into the contracts accordingly.

August 2017

The technology ventures team of a global, world-leading energy company had been pioneering the creation of a new digital venture, investing in technologies to develop digital and connectivity-based solutions for customers, working alongside a global consultancy to deliver this model. EagleCliff Recruitment were introduced to this new digital venture as the payroll partner to help on-board new resources. This relationship quickly developed into being both the UK payroll partner and a valued PSL supplier for IT contractors and digital marketing contractors as well. A structured PSL was formed within the digital team with the introduction of sensible mark-ups standardised across the supply chain. Prior to this, there had been very little or no structure in place and substantial savings were achieved through these new initiatives.

September 2019

New initiatives are introduced that will further enhance savings through structured mark-up compliance with third-party agency suppliers. These new initiatives will provide further savings of £1m within the next 12 months and have been welcomed across the consolidated supply chain.

March 2020

Once again the EagleCliff payrolling contract with a world-leading energy company is renewed for a further three years. This covers IT, digital technology, accounting, finance, marketing, communications, HR, procurement and legal services within downstream operations.